Why Become a SunCash Ambassador

As we have witnessed the surge in blackouts everyday we find new ways to keep our lights on from your UPS, rechargeable lights and solar energy. We live in a digital age that requires our smart devices more than ever. With load shedding it hinders our progress as a country to fully immerse ourselves in the digital age. We can’t continue being stuck in regression when as a third world country we should be striving for better in a Western dominated world. The end of load shedding might seem like an illusion for many with constant  empty words of change from our government but no action towards this change.

Government aside, have we discovered ways in which we can counter this issue! Yes, our days of load shedding are coming to an end! You might ask yourself, how? Let me take you through it:

Welcome to SunCash. 🌞

SunCash is an innovative solar investment that integrates solar energy and blockchain technology. It allows individuals and communities to participate in the renewable energy revolution by enabling fractional ownership and access to solar installations. Heard of the saying to do something it’s better to do it yourself? SunCash provides you that very solution turning blackouts into bright lights for communities across the country. SunCash is not just another solar company, it’s a social movement with a passion. With the aim of load shedding over the next few years. SunCash has installed solar panels across the country, to read more on this visit https://suncash.co.za/. SunCash is passionate about bridging the gap of power outages in the country. SunCash has also ensured to help social causes such as ensuring GBV safe houses have their lights on to ensure safety and security of GBV victims. To learn more on this watch this videoand be a part of a movement that advocates for social change one solar cell at a time! 

How can you help us create change and build a brighter future?🚀

To be a part of SunCash and play an active role in this change, become an ambassador, in this way we can create nationwide change and work together side by side. To become an ambassador visit. The SunCash ambassador programme ensures that we all can help end load shedding! Register and help us create decades worth of change.

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