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Africa’s most innovative Solar Investment Platform powered by Momint.
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How SunCash Works

Select Solar Site

Become a fractional owner of a solar site that generates clean energy.

Power Agreement

Your solar power is bought by businesses and homes.

12% Return

The SunCash Community earns 12% (or more) return on their solar assets.

"Most Innovative Solar Solution" - ISASolarX

SunCash, powered by Momint was awarded the most Innovative Solar Solution by International Solar Alliance, hosted in Rwanda. This win shows the world, we are a viable solution for electricity in South Africa. 

You can make a difference today by purchasing a Solar Certificate on the
Momint Platform. 

125% Tax Back. Projects from R71 R141 R275 R2250 R4950 R9900 today.

Take advantage of South Africa’s Section 12B Tax Allowance before its gone!

SunCash, featured on the news.

You can now invest in Solar from as little R 85.

Your solar energy is sold to private institutions and secured by military-grade encryption and decentralised digital contracts.

You can earn a passive income, while helping South Africans keep the lights on.

What Solar Owners Have to say About SunCash:

Our Passionate Team

Dear South African Citizens,
We are tackling the climate and electricity crisis in South Africa, now you can too. You can purchase a Solar Certificate and become part of taking back our power grid.
With Love,
The SunCash Team.

Important Information is Embedded Into Your Certificate

Secured and stored by proven blockchain technology, so your certificate is always yours, no matter what.

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